What? The present is under the tree.

an unwrapped amazon box under a ceramic Christmas tree.

The present actually made it under the tree this year.

We have a long tradition of under celebrating Christmas here at the Studio. We didn’t start out that way. I know that I had every intention of decorating like my parents had. Tree done up with lights. Christmas village complete with Lionel train. Garlands of every type everywhere and Christmas cards from friends and family decorating the door frame leading from the kitchen/dining room into the upstairs living room.

Note to self: Crap! I still need to send out holiday cards. Make a note to do this before New Years this year.

The first year that the roommate and I lived together, we got a three-foot tall artificial tree. We also got a little black kitten.

Hilarity ensued.

According to Boo, the natural habitat of a black cat was in nesting in the Christmas tree, bending the little artificial boughs all out of whack. We had to tie the tree to the little side table we put it on to keep it standing upright.

Boo the cat. She’s in our Christmas tree, stalking Santa.

In 2008 the youngest two cats came into the picture and we gave up on the idea of the Christmas tree entirely. Keeping four cats out of the tree was just too much work. Even now that Boo has passed away, keeping three cats and a dog out of a tree when Sophie-dog believes that branches are chew toys is a pipe dream at best and a trip to the emergency vet because Sophie decided to actually EAT the Christmas tree  at worst.

This year I came up with the clever plan of getting a ceramic tree. It’s cheery. It’s festive. There’s no way a cat can actually nest in it. It doesn’t seem like wood, so the dog is uninterested in it.

Now that I’ve got a present under it, I feel so accomplished! Ha ha! I got something under the tree before Christmas Eve. I’d feel more accomplished if the gift scarf were finished, too. One problem at a time. One problem at a time.

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