What I learned this week: 20161002– 20161007

  1. The day job may have to be mentioned in the blog. I shall call it “The Day Job” and will only talk about it in reference to time managment in relation to crafting and writing.
    For example: It’s currently requiring more time out of my week than the usual 40 hours plus commute time and lunch and is cramping my crafting and writing time more than I would like.
  2. Just because you want to do something and have permission to do it, doesn’t mean that you actually can do it. 
    I had permission to take an extended lunch hour at the day job to take a fitness class during the day, but the actual work deadlines that infringed on that time did not realistically allow for it. Not actually anyone’s fault. It’s just the nature of the business, but it still feels a little like “Yes, Saberella, you may go to the kettlebell class, so long as all your deliverables go out on time.” I’m disappointed, but my gym will be offering early morning and evening kettlebell classes, so it will all work out in the end.
  3. I really need to get back in the habit of bringing my own lunches to work. There’s a reason people at the day job call it the “crapateria.” 
  4. An e-reader really does make reading more convenient. Technically, I just use my tablet and my e-reader program of choice (kindle). I’m actually making progress on my reading, one stolen lunch time at a go. (I’d say lunch hour, but I’ve been keeping my lunches to half an hour due to the current constraints of my workflow. At least I’m still working in reading.)
  5. Never trust the color on the box. (I knew this one, but I learned my lesson again.)
    I colored my hair last Saturday and the color came out ‘light ginger nut,’ not ‘light golden brown,’ like it said and showed on the box. I’m currently waiting for a box of “brass correcting gloss” to arrive so I may fix the color. Die, unintended red tones! Die!
  6. Winning is fun! Winning yarn is more fun!
  7. I need to pack my gym clothes in the car at night and drive the route home that takes my by the gym to remind myself that I should stop there and, you know, actually exercise.

One thought on “What I learned this week: 20161002– 20161007

  1. Sprocket

    Okay, so THAT is where the red tones went. Cellery wondered about that when she last colored her hair….


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