What I learned this week: 20160925 – 20161001

I like to sit on Saturday mornings with a cup of tea and think about the week that just passed to figure out if I learned anything good from it. I wish my tea pot and teacup looked like the image above. My own teatime is a bit more middle-America ordinary than the picture.

Sometimes I just have obvious thoughts; more observational mental recaps of the week and not really so much things I learned. Sometimes I figure out important things along the way. Sometimes I just over think the week and don’t really learn anything. Sometimes, I barely manage making tea and drinking it and no real thought happens at all.

Here are the things I learned:

  1. Nothing gets done without a plan. The plan may have to be adapted along the way, but without a plan, there’s no starting point and no direction.- This turned out to be true both on the blog and at the day job this week.- The day job’s plan fell apart after business hours and I had to make a new plan for next week.
  2. If you at all doubt your colors for a colorwork project and you can afford to do so, buy the alternate colors so you can test them, too. – I wondered if the Dark Grey Heather would be enough contrast when I looked at it on the site I bought it from. It was iffy in the picture and in doesn’t look like it in the skein in person.- I need to swatch to be certain. It might be better worked up.

    – I should swatch with the new colors, too, just to be complete.

  3. The perfect is the enemy of the good. I want to do all my own own photos and art for this blog. To get started and have something other than just my words to look at this week, there needed to be some purchased art. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than nothing at all (in my opinion) and buys me the time I need to actually get some work done with my own camera.- My camera skills aren’t as good as these professional pictures. I can’t get better without practice.- I can’t afford a professional photographer to follow me around full time and photographically document whatever I want to document, anyway.

    – I already do some Instagram, so it’s not like my (average) photography skills aren’t already on display, anyway.

  4. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how diligent you are and how hard you are working to hit a milestone. Sometimes, there are just problems in the way and the only answer to a problem is to shut down your computer, go home, take a bath, and start at it fresh again on Monday.- I’m talking about you, Day Job. (Don’t let it go to your head.)- I’m not thinking about you again until Monday, Day Job. So there’s that.
  5. There really are very few stresses that can’t be eased with a hot bath and a nice cup of hot tea.- Yes, sometimes I drink tea in the bathtub.- Sometimes, I read in the bathtub, too. Only printed books, though. I’d hate to drop my tablet in the tub. That would be A Bad Thing ™.
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