We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Blog

Well, that went off the rails faster than I thought it would.

Wednesday of last week I had the Vincent Price Tribute.

Thursday of last week I went to Loreena McKennett in concert at the Paramount Theatre.

I was too busy to reflect on the week and learn something from on it on Saturday. The whole weekend was kind of a blur, actually. Friday through Sunday, I just tried to catch up all the things that slipped through the cracks Wednesday and Thursday. The spiral was familiar, like that after flushing the toilet. The entire weekend went down the hole without any real writing to show for it.

Other things happened. Good things. Adulting in general, like planning meals for the week, grocery shopping, and cooking meals. I did laundry. I helped with the household chores. I color corrected my hair again (because, no really, it’s super brassy and color correcting is now a twice monthly thing until I recolor in December.)

I read two issues of Better Homes and Gardens and the latest issue of Crochet Magazine. I paid bills. I tried to find an actual jacket for my work wardrobe and determined it was futile. I got the physical pattern for the jacket for my Craftsy Jacket making class. I ordered buttons for the Owl cardigan (Owligan) that I’m planning to make.

Heck, I was even moral support for the roommate when the shower in the master bathroom started leaking on Sunday, though when we discovered the tub in the main bathroom is leaking from the drain, too, I might have considered a less reasonable approach to fixing the problem than “Have the plumber take care of that, too, when he comes back tomorrow.”

By Sunday afternoon, I was cramping and nauseated  (thank you IUD that’s supposed to make my fibroids shrink and stop the insane amount of bleeding I’ve been having since last November), and exhausted. I napped instead of writing or crafting.

I regret nothing. It was glorious.

Which brings us to today – writing today’s blog while eating my lunch and figuring out the plan for the rest of the week while I write. It’s not where I wanted to be. 

It’s okay to be where I’m at. At least I know where I’m going in the next week.

Tonight I’ll work a little on my Baroque Violet Hanten. I might be able to finish that so I can wear it to Vogue Knitting Live Minneapolis next week. People do crazier things before Rhinebeck, after all. 

I’ll write about the Vincent Price Film festival and about the Loreena McKennett concert, both of which were interestingly inspirational, though in very different ways. I’ve got a couple of other things I’m mulling about, too – enough to get me through the week for blog updates, at least, and then it will be the weekend again. 

Maybe this weekend I’ll do a little better about getting ahead of the curve. The problem with trying to get ahead of the curve is that I can’t actually wait until the weekend: I need to start working ahead now.

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