Wardrobe: Fall 2017

So, after living with my “improved” minimalist wardrobe for the better part of two seasons (spring and summer), I’ve decided I need to make a few tweaks to things as I’m heading into fall and winter planning season, also known as “August” for everyone else, especially if I’m going to try to make some pieces for my wardrobe during autumn and winter.

While actually making the graphic for this post I realized that on some level, I’d rejected at least part of The Curated Closet, which stresses minimizing and removing things and keeping to a very limited color range for maximum mix-and-match potential. The author’s own aesthetic, as shown in the book, centered around soft peach, gentle blue, and soft neutrals. The photography in the book looked clean, feminine, and beautiful.

I loved it. I sort of hoped to emulate it. Using the author’s suggestions and my own preferences, I built a rainbow of colors. Yes, I emphasize my focus colors and liberally use my neutrals. The rainbow is still there because I’m drawn to color in general. Every time I try to leave out a color (I’m talking to you, yellow, orange, and red) it ends up back in my closet.

What can I say? I’m drawn to whimsy. Whimsy is often colorful. I should have named my style “Classics with a whimsical twist” instead of just “classics with a twist.”

It’s time to acknowledge that I like what I like and stop trying to mold myself into someone else’s aesthetic. Other people’s style might be pretty and it might be inspiring to some level, but it’s not *my* style. It’s time to stop trying to be something I’m not. The number of times I thought “that would be gorgeous in (name any actual color)” when looking at the pictures in the Curated Closet was pretty high.

I’m sure she’d say similar things about my own sense of style. (That would be beautiful if it were pastel or gray, I imagine her saying.)

That’s the thing about style, right? All the fashion leaders say it’s about being yourself, not conforming. Why should I conform? I like putting a spider web motif scarf with a trucker jacket and tomato red skinny jeans (let’s be honest, they’re jeggings), or wearing my killer bunny socks with a red shirt and my black business slacks. I like throwing on a gray t-shirt dress with black leggings and adding a crochet rainbow scarf or a hand knit orange cashmere lace shawl. I like simple shapes and unusual details or unexpected colors. That is my “twist.”

Tell me to limit my colors and I build a rainbow. Sigh.

I shifted the colors I consider to be my Focus Colors from Olive, Navy, Plum, and Charcoal Gray, to Light Khaki, Dark Olive, Navy, and Violet.

Interestingly, while many people consider Khaki a neutral, I’m so sensitive to it (possibly because beige was one of Mama’s favorite colors and for a very long time I resisted anything remotely beige) that I consider it a color unto itself and specifically “light Khaki” (aka the most common color of Khaki trousers in the USA.) Olive has become Dark Olive for the sake of specificity. Plum has become Violet because the purple in my wardrobe is a more neutral purple and doesn’t skew red.

Charcoal gray shifted down into my Neutrals in part to give Khaki a spot up in the focus colors and in part because I read charcoal and black as interchangeable. Since they’re interchangeable, they must both be neutrals. White remains unchanged.

My Accents shifted slightly. The new Accent colors are Turquoise, School Gold (Gold Yellow), Orange, and Tomato Red, which is a change from Robin’s Egg Blue/Teal, Dark Periwinkle, Orange, and Tomato Red. Robin’s Egg Blue/Teal became Turquoise because I’m always matching to my Turquoise jewelry. School Gold (Gold Yellow) got added to the list because I keep wanting things that color despite the fact that it’s not my greatest color. I’m giving into the golden yellow. Dark Periwinkle got bumped out of the accent list. Mentally, I lump this with denim, which is “navy” in my book (other people’s mileage may vary), so it doesn’t deserve its own spot. Orange and Tomato Red remain constant.

The real problem becomes figuring out what to make.

Atlantique is still really high on my list of things to make. I like it with the elbow length sleeves and I think the neckline is clever. I even have the right yarn to make it (read: the yarn called for in the pattern) in a color that’s basically khaki (read: the same color as the sample.) This seems like a winner to me, assuming I can actually manage to get it to come out. It’s a season spanning piece that will work year round in the office or for a night out. I may need to light a candle to the patron saint of sweaters to break my sweater curse. I’ve never managed to make a sweater that fits nicely enough to actually wear outside the house.

I’m also sorely tempted by the Wonder Woman Wrap. It appeals to my whimsical side. I’m sure I’ve got colors I could make it from that would work with my palette (a tomato-y red and a golden yellow). Who am I kidding? I have colors to go with almost any palette. I am very close to being a yarn hoarder. Alternately, I may say to heck with it and go ahead with colors more like those in the Wonder Woman movie armor because a little whimsy is not a bad thing and it would look great with the olive and khaki in my wardrobe, not to mention the black and charcoal, even if it isn’t 100% my color story.

I’ve also been tempted by celebrating my knitter-versary by finally knitting the pattern I saw that made me want to learn to knit in the first place, Muir. The yarn I originally got for it is Dark Olive (the now discontinued color, Moss), which tells you how much I love olive green. Even 10 years ago, it was undeniably “Sabie’s Green.”

Obviously, the list is still very much a work in progress. Hopefully, I’ll have it more settled in the next few days so I can move forward with more preparations.


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