Two quick thoughts

  1. Decorating for the holidays is difficult with pets. Between cats knocking over Christmas trees and animals in general eating things they shouldn’t, it’s hard to make the house feel festive.

    I mean, seriously cats. I understand the tree. It looks fun to me, too, but what on earth would even possess you to nom on a poinsettia? You’re an obligate carnivore. This makes no sense to me, but I know we can’t have one despite the fact that my friend gave us the most Amazing poinsettia I’ve ever seen – and I’ve been to Mexico during the holiday season.

    I think I’ve solved this problem with a lighted ceramic tree. Festive and not a climbing hazard. Hopefully it won’t be a “knock it off the sideboard hazard” instaed. Which leads me to. . .

  2. I wanted to buy a used ceramic tree, like the ones my childhood neighbors who did ceramics used to sell. Glazed green with white on the tips, like snow. No glittery crap. White only LightBrite(tm)  pegs a bonus.

    I checked etsy and ebay and ever snuck out to the local charity shops over lunch to try to find one. There were none available in town and etsy and ebay were both strike outs. They came in two kinds “unglazed” – meaning finish it yourself. (And where am I going to find glaze and a proper kiln?) or they were all labeled “vintage” and “vintage” apparently means “It’s old so it should be valuable. Pay me extra for the privilege of buying something old and used.”

    Um, no. I’ll pass on that. So much for reducing and reusing saving you money.

    It was actually less expensive to order a brand new one from the Vermont Country Store and ship it with upgraded shipping than it was to buy a used lighted ceramic tree on either etsy or ebay. 

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