Taking a quick knit break

Winged Wrap by Moogly in Lion Brand Shawl in a Ball, Restful Rainbow colorway.

Sometimes my hands start hurting while I’m knitting, so then there’s crochet. This design is called Winged Wrap and I saw it on the Moogly blog in a more subdued colorway. I still had some Shawl in a Ball yarn around (aka: multicolored Muppet fur yarn), and I needed a break from knitting double seed stitch, so I decided to make one of these while I figure out what I’m going to do about Shawn’s afghan.

Shawn’s afghan: We hates it, Precious. We does.

I think I’m going to rip it all out and start over as something that’s more exciting to me. Last month the Crochet Girl Gang and LoveCrochet Website did an afghan as a Crochet-along that I like a lot better. The colors I was already planning to use will work. In fact, they’ll probably work better in this afghan than what I originally started.

It has a square they call the “arrow motif” that I can do in green (because hey, Green Arrow). The black I was already planning to use will work for the borders. There are other motifs which will work with the other colors, too. I think this is a slam dunk.

I need to add a row of motifs to the afghan to make it wider, but basically, it’s a good size.

More importantly, it’s much more interesting crocheting, and thus has a chance of getting done in what’s left of my lifetime. Maybe even what’s left of this winter, though that might be pushing it. Motifs are potato chip crafting, though, so it’s got a good chance – especially if the game master of the new 5th Edition D&D game we’re starting this month will let me crochet at the game table.

(Shawn, if you ever want to see your afghan finished, you’ll let me crochet at the game table.)

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