One for the gift pile

Purl Soho Double Seed Stitch Scarf in Miss Babs Yowza, colorway: a very blue skein of Berlin that had been destined for Wild Iris Renaming before my request came to them.

I have a recipient in mind for this particular piece of gorgeousness. Double Seed Stitch on size 8 needles, this is going along at a pretty fast clip. I can work through between 3 and 4 pattern repeats in 15 minutes, meaning any time I can steal that long to work on it, I can add about three inches to the length.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to make with this yarn when I bought it, but I bought it with the friend it’s going to in mind. Hopefully he’ll like it (but if he doesn’t, I know a knitter with two thumbs who’d love it: this one.)

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