New Year, Still Here

Welcome, 2018. It’s the New Year and I’m still here. I celebrated a peaceful holiday season with friends, waved to my family (as is our custom), and ended by going to bed early on New Year’s Eve. I got my holiday cards sent – late for 2017 and late for 2016, when I originally bought the cards, but sent none the less.

I just finished listening to my friend Christa’s annual New Year’s Mix Tape. Not on New Year’s Eve, as was the plan, but I’ve listened to it. I have some new favorites I need to track down for my own collection, as always happens. Bonus: One of the songs knocked me out of the rut is was in because of the Monday-est Monday that ever Monday-ed on Wednesday. (below, because I shouldn’t be the only one with this in my head.)

The test knit I’m working on is A) Overdue, and B) moving slower than molasses in January (which seems appropriate), so at least some things never change. It’s the bobbles. I need two hours to do bobble rows. I never get two hours to sit and knit during the week. I swear, I’m never letting me convince myself that I can knit to a schedule with my crazy life ever again.

The weather is freaky cold, which has driven me into the gym for exercise, along with all the resolutioners. Hopefully they’ll get calmed down to a schedule I can work with soon, so I’m not stuck struggling to find room on the track, too.

This weekend I plan to sit down with my calendar and my hoped activities and see what’s actually realistic to get done. Mostly, though, just doing a drive by wave at the blog. Welcome, 2018. I’m still here.

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