Nanowrimo Declaration

Yes, I’m doing Nanowrimo again this year in November. I’m trying something different to help myself complete the challenge.

This year I’m bribing myself to finish it. These are the shows I can’t watch until I finish a novel:

Luke Cage (Season 1)
Jessica Jones (All of it)
Daredevil (Catch up to present from Season 1 finale)
The Blacklist (Season 2 midway to catch up)
Agents of SHIELD (I’m still in Season 2)

I know that seems like a pretty harsh price to pay for failure to complete a novel, but hard realities call for harsh measures. I have let this writing thing take a back seat to everyone and everything and that has to change. If I want to watch these shows, I need to stand up and do the work it requires.

One thought on “Nanowrimo Declaration

  1. Sprocket

    So while you’re waiting..perhaps the novel can feature a face-off between Reddington and Coulson.


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