Living the staple free life

I think the thing I missed the most was twisting at the waist. If I twisted to reach a book or pet a cat a staple would pinch or stab me in the belly. I’m gently grooving on not being constantly stabbed by an industrial zipper’s worth of staples.

I made myself an afternoon cup of coffee to celebrate. I made it an afternoon cup because coffee interferes with iron absorption and I’m taking an iron pill with kiwi at breakfast. I’m taking to try to get my heme up post surgery. I lost more blood than expected because I was under longer, and so I’m very anemic.

Coffee only interferes with iron absorption if you take it at the same time as your supplement.

Coffee betrayed me. It sent me to the bathroom very quickly with stomach cramps. Sparing the details, at least it offset the side effects of the iron pills.

They say slow and steady wins the race. I am trying to be good and get healthy again as quickly as possible, through careful, slow and steady progress.

It still sucks when you’re watching all your friends cotton tails bounce off down the road away from you. There are only so many rabbit videos I can watch, after all.

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