It’s not over until the belly says it’s over

It’s so close to healed.

That’s what the wound care nurses and the wound care doctor tell me. So close. Very close.

It’s not actually healed yet.

We were using DuoDerm pads as landing strips for tape until the DuoDerm adhesive started tearing up my skin. I have a thing against randomly bleeding because my skin blistered from the adhesive. Again. I went without a dressing over the remains of my belly wound for a little over five days, just moisturizing with Vaseline to try to give my skin a break and provide some kind of barrier for my skin to heal.

As a last ditch effort to keep the wound covered, they’ve switched me to soft foam dressings with silicone adhesive. I give the wound a layer of Vaseline because if you’re not giving yourself a Vaseline barrier, you’re apparently doing it wrong. Then I stick these 4 inch by 4 inch pads down over the wound. They can stay in place for two to three days before you need to change them.

I change them every other day after I shower. That’s as long as I care to go between actual showers though I’m sure my primary care physician would prefer that I take it a little easier on my sensitive, eczema prone skin and go for cooler showers perhaps every third day.

Bite me, eczema. There is no way that’s happening, especially after nearly three months solid of sponge baths. I just never feel clean without a good actual showering, preferably with nice hot water. (Yes, I know. Bad for eczema prone skin, but it feels so good.)

I miss showering daily.

At least I can stand face forward in the shower. For a while it was all “back to the water flow and minimize direct wetness on the wound.” I’ve had road rash deeper than the belly wound is now. I have the gouge in my shin to prove it.

I just wish it were healed already. This last little bit by bit healing with the skin re-opening in some places and the bandage removal pulling up new skin in others is frustrating.

I want it to be over. It’s time belly. Really.

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