Iron frog station

The first time I went out to the random word generator at creativity games looking for a writing prompt, it gave me Iron Frog Station. Such evocative words. I thought it was a great prompt!

What to do with it, though?

What sort of place would Iron Frog Station be? If so, why is it called that? Does anyone live there? Are iron frogs a creature or are they an object?

Is this even a story prompt at all, or is it something else entirely?

There is a little cast iron frog in my garden, a replica of an antique door stop that my father cast, which sits in my garden.  Does it dream of traveling to far off lands?

I wrote the idea down in my notes and then tucked it away it away. I like the sound of the words together. I just wish I knew what to do with it. I’ve taken it out a few times since then hoping to find it’s marinated enough to be ready. Not yet, though.

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