Game Night Highlights for 10152017

GM: Recap for Sam, since he was out last week.

Ellibelli Bannergnome: I got a banner!

GM: Besides that.

Elli: I know! I could make myself look like a big chest full of treasure with Minor Illusion! What do you think, Sam? Carry me!

Sam: No. Harvey can carry you.

Marmolade Ranger-danger: That seems like a lot of work to have a bigger chest.

Elli: Hush, you.

GM: All of this because you won’t say “Tiamat, our mother and strength?”

Elli: Not “won’t.” Can’t. Am physically not able. I can say “For Bahamat! Aieeeeeee!”

Alexeron: No.

Sam: So, I could polymorph you into a rat. Or crow. Then you could go over the walls.

Elli: Oooh! I do have experience with wings.


Elli: Caw. I’m a crow.

GM: Not you. You’re not even a bird yet. Shut up.

Elli: *sticks out her tongue*

GM: It’s a foot thick door.

Adrin Burnlodge: What? That’s insane.

Elli: It’s a Giant’s castle. What did you expect?

GM: You haven’t seen that yet. No meta.

Elli: Oh, when aren’t we meta?

GM: Hmm. I didn’t know that.

Alexeron: What?

GM: It’s evil.

Elli: In this module? No! Say it’s not so.

Sully-cat in his natural habitat – the middle of everything.

Sometime shortly after this picture was taken, the Bellysucker 9000 alarmed for the third time today, claiming it was blocked. I managed to get the alarm to clear, but the wound vac has been extremely pinchy today and uncomfortable today. It was certainly not helping my mood toward the game.

Module spoilers follow. Stop here if you plan to play Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

To be frank, I’m mentally done with this module and wouldn’t recommend it to friends unless they like straight railroad scenarios and frustration at every turn. Monty Haul this adventure is not. Our GM has been throwing some minor treasure in just to try to reward the roleplaying. Elli got a bag of tricks, not that we’ve had much opportunity to use it.

Some people like these kinds of adventures. If you do, that’s nothing against you. Trying to negotiate with the castle owner is unlikely (based on his likely motivations and our lack of anyone who speaks Giant) and we’re so outclassed with everything around us that if it comes to a straight up fight, we’re screwed. A vampire, at twenty ogres, two stone giants, an unknown number of wyverns, a high ranking cult leader, two high level wizards, and a smattering of low level cultists and kobolds mean the scenario is pretty much death if we take the “swing away” approach.

Since the Giant Negotiation tactic is likely a bust, the only legitimate option we have at this point is to figure out how to crash a flying castle, which means figuring how how it flies and throwing a wrench into that works.

Maybe I can throw a giant cat at it.

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