First something, anyway

I was supposed to be going out for First Hike now out at Matsell Bridge with the roommate and Sophie-dog and the friend with the scarf and Bruce-dog. I am here, at my computer because it’s just across the hall from the bathroom.

Hello, First Bout of IBS of the year (also known as lingering IBS from last year.) Apparently, something’s still bothering my intestines, though I don’t recall eating anything truly offending in any sort of quantity. Sometimes the IBS just likes to remind me that it’s still a thing in my life, especially when my fibromyalgia is flaring up. (Short answer to the medical tests all coming back “mostly harmless except for these things that we need to watch” is “You’re tired because your fibro is in flare. Be better at managing things.”)

Hopefully, I’ll get Mr. IBS calmed down enough to take a short urban hike later this afternoon.

At least now I get this time to start working on some of those goals, like “What shall I actually knit this year?”

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