Crouching Tabby, Hidden Peanut Butter Balls

Not today, weight loss. Not today!

 On Christmas Day, Mama brought over my present: All my favorite Christmas treats. From top left clockwise around: Grandma Johnson’s peanut butter cookies, chocolate covered peanut butter balls, Praline Pecan Chex mix, and Peanut Butter cookie wrapped peanut butter cups. I was told I had to share (despite the fact I wanted to hide the peanut butter balls in particular in the freezer.
I left them out on the counter while we all went downstairs to begin our Christmas Kung Fu movie festival. First up: Hero. We came upstairs after the movie to start dinner and grab some snacks. We were greeted by two peanut butter cookies lying out on the counter and a half-eaten peanut butter ball, little more than a chocolate base sitting in the green container Mama brought them in.
Someone ate one of my peanut butter balls and tried to drag off two of my peanut butter cookies! Who could have done such a heinous thing?
Sully the cat

The culprit returns to the scene of his crime. The offending stench peanut butter and stale kibble mingled on his breath.

We were innocently watching Hero. Meanwhile, upstairs, Sully-cat was making his own dramatic martial arts film inspired by Crouching Tiger: Hidden Dragon. He cleverly stalked and then summarily executed the wily peanut butter ball for its crimes against Catitude and tried to make off with two accomplice peanut butter cookies for later questioning. At least that’s Sully’s version of the story.
My version is the vile fuzzy beastie ate one of my Christmas Peanut Butter Balls. When I promised Mama I’d share them, I meant with the roommate and the scarf-owning friend, not with any of the fur-bearing critters that share habitat with me.
The offending tempting treats have been closed up and put away since Sully-cat has shown far more interest in them than warrants an obligate carnivore.
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