Clearing the clutter

I like a little bit of clutter. I justify by saying that studies have shown that clutter promotes creativity. That said, I’ve let things in here at the studio (read: the corner where I knit, crochet, and often write thanks to the Logitech keyboard I use with my tablet) go from a little cluttered to outright chaos.

I spent the weekend clearing the chaos, trying to focus on returning the spaces I use in my home for creating into spaces that balance functionality and creativity promoting clutter. (and fighting the first cold of the season. I currently go from sounding mostly normal to doing a great impression of James Earl Jones.)

As part of that, I decided that Bobble-head Batman, Robin, and Catwoman needed to come to live on my desk at the day job as part of my strategy for maintaining my sense of humor when things get hectic. Making Batman’s head bobble makes me giggle. It’s silly and it’s still true.

Batman, Robin, and Catwoman investigate the disappearance of the Riddler.

Plus, sometimes the little bit of visual distraction fuels my brain power on the job.

Sure, creativity says, hey, the littlest pet shop black kitten, which I call Mini Boo-boo Kitty, is just the right size to play the part of Catwoman’s cat and that the Bowler Hat that came to live at work from the top of a bottle of a particular brand of adult beverage because it amused me suggested a certain missing quiz-master and a hint of foul play. 

Why is Catoosa on the scene? Is Nygma framing her for some reason? Or is she interested because of something else entirely? Who can tell the mind of the Catwoman? She’s wily.
Maybe it’s just another of Nygma’s elaborate tricks and Selina just happened to be in the neighborhood.
Either way, it primes the pumps for solving other problems. Because I had one idea, other ones flow. Not just the random sparks of Bat-Fandom, though those obviously amuse me. Ones actually related to the task at hand. 

You can never have too many ideas percolating. You can, however, have too many distractions to be creative and too much clutter to think. That’s where I hit, so I’m clearing away the clutter, organizing, and setting myself up with inspiration to get things flowing again.

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