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Super Friends

Thank you for the AWESOME pillow, Jae! I love it so much!

This pillow arrived in the mail yesterday, from my (Super) friend Jae, who crafted it up. It’s the same size as Gary the Pillow (who I still need to bling up, too.) Now I have a color scheme to work with for it.

At some point, I envision a pillow fight between Gary and Selena the Super-pillow. I’d say Marlena the Meta-pillow, but that’s Barbara Gordon Batgirl in that print. To my knowledge, Babs has never been classed as a true Meta.

I’m not sure who would win if they did throw down in a pillow fight, though. Gary’s not a villainous pillow and no pillow with the Super Women of DC could be villainous, either, so it would be the classic “Marvel Misunderstanding” if they did. Maybe they’re too smart to fight each other. We’ll see, once Gary’s in his costume.

There was supposed to be writing

There was supposed to be writing today, but what popped up in my news feed when I sat to make words happen on virtual paper threw me so far off my game that I never quite recovered.

Carrie Fisher is dead. I haven’t felt so emotionally drained by a celebrity death since Jim Henson. If Henson, through Kermit the Frog, was the spiritual father of my creativity, Carrie Fisher, through Princess Leia, was it’s spiritual mother.

Something in her portrayal of the Galactic Princess who didn’t need saving touched me deeply. The line between Ms. Fisher and Leia was thin to me: wanted to be her when I grew up, whether that was Leia or Carrie Fisher herself.

To see word of her passing sucked the wind out of my creative sails today. The world is a smaller, sadder place for lack of what she might have added to it in the future.