All the fancy blogs make me sad

All the fancy blogs and Instagram feeds make me sad if I think about them. They have elaborate holiday displays all over their houses. I’d love to have that sort of thing. I’d love to not have cats that don’t knock everything over and nest in Christmas trees. Also, most of them take hours and hours of work to put out. That’s just not my life.

This is my holiday display. It took fifteen minutes to put out, including getting it out of storage.

Yes, that’s the only tree I do. It’s little and ceramic, but the cats can’t nest in it.

I wanted a vintage ceramic tree, but they were all super expensive on Ebay. Like $200 and more. I got this one for $40 last year on sale from the Vermont Country Store. I’ll keep it until it’s vintage or until the cats decide to test gravity with it. So far they haven’t managed that, so I’m feeling good about it.

The poinsettia wreath I made years ago. It was a skirt around some real candles for years, but it’s just the right size be a tree skirt. The fake candles complete the retro-kitsch look. They turn on and off automatically and aren’t a fire hazard when the cats decide that kitten-psycho-playtime needs to take a lap on my buffet table.

The roommate’s father made the wooden tree and manger scene on the sides of the table. They’ve held a place of honor ever since he gave them to her. They’re simple and beautiful and won’t break if the cats decide to knock them over. That last part is a bonus.

My white porcelain creche is put up until the time we don’t have cats. I think it’s beautiful and want to display it. I also don’t want it broken. It’s the same for a good number of my holiday display items. They’re just not practical at this time in my life.

All the fancy blogs make me sad, but only if I think about them too much. My life is too busy to compare to other people’s Instagram feeds.

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