After Hysterectomy: the nap-enings

Yesterday marked two weeks since my surgery.

I tried real pants (read: jean shorts) vs yoga pants for a short time yesterday. I could do it, but not for all day. I did it to “go out.” I went to lunch with some friends. Nothing huge. Just an hour of something to break up the day.

It was so nice to see people.

It was also nice to come home, take off those jeans shorts and put on yoga pants. I did that, and then I took a nap. The ability to keep on real pants, not have a ton of seepage/weeping from my incision site, and my general lack of stamina are real barriers for me.

I napped in my computer chair and I napped on the couch. It was a day full of naps.

I’ve been carrying around a pillow for my belly, which I’ve named Gary. You spend this much time with something and it gets a name. I have no idea why its name is Gary. I’m tending to blame pain meds for that one.

Gary is a rather plain 18-inch throw pillow. He wants to be more fabulous. You spend this much time with a throw pillow and believe me, you learn its hopes and dreams.

My friend, Shawnna, brought me a cover for Gary the belly pillow. It was a touch small for his awesomeness, so now Gary has a smaller sassy friend.

Gary’s smaller sassy friend. Gary not pictured.

I haven’t spent enough time with Gary’s smaller, now sassy, friend to be on a first name basis. Also, the good pain meds ran out, which might also account for a lack of name. I put Gary’s smaller sassy friend on my belly while I was napping on the couch to protect it from cat attacks.

To protect my belly. The cats don’t seem interested in attacking Sassy Pillow. They do seem to be interested in loving it up, so there’s that.

To be fair, the cats just want to love my belly up, too. It only feels like an attack. Maybe if they didn’t spend so much time circling before they decide I need “love.”

The cats circling near my computer chair.

Next up: making tea. That’s about all the excitement I can handle right now.

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