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Sabrina is a native Iowan living in a pale sage house with a back yard that borders on urban woodlands. She shares the house with her roommate, an oversize labradoodle, and three cats who think they actually own the place. The humans in the house believe the cats are wrong, but currently cannot offer any substantial proof to the contrary.

Sabrina writes fiction and non-fiction. She likes biking, hiking, and kayaking, though not at the same time. She also enjoys a good zombie flick, though she understands that good is sometimes a relative judgment and is currently resigned to whatever apocalypse potentially awaits after November 8. She’s hoping it’s a zombie apocalypse, but is open to a variety of dystopian futures as long as it’s not “Reality Show Celebrity Turned President Starts World Wide Nuclear War.”

Sometimes she even manages to find time to knit and crochet, but mostly she’s curating a yarn museum in a spare closet in her house.

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