3 weeks after surgery

Three weeks-ish. The actual 3 weeks from surgery date was Tuesday of this week.

A portion of my incision reopened, in what I call my dunlap area, because, yes, I hate the term FUPA. Fuck you and your FUPA, people. Pretty is not the rent I pay to exist and go out in public.
I have a sagging belly that dunlaps over my pubic bone. When I finish losing weight, I’ll probably have to have a tummy tuck to get rid of the loose skin there. Right now, I’m working with what I have.
What I have is a three-inch section on my lower belly area that decided to reopen to a depth of a 1/4 of an inch today after I showered and removed the steri-strips there (per doctor’s instructions from last week.)
Let’s start with the answers to the most common questions:
  • No, I wasn’t doing anything stupid.
  • Yes, I’ve been following doctor’s orders.
  • Yes, I called my doctor and I’ve got instructions.
Sometimes things like this just happen whether you’re fat or not. Sometimes I have weird healing issues on parts of my body that aren’t fat, like my wrists and ankles. Fat probably didn’t help, though. 
More steri-strips have been applied. I’m supposed to keep things dry. I was told not to sweat under my belly because you can control that crap.

If things aren’t significantly better by Monday, I’ll have a trip to Iowa City to have my doctor evaluate things and come up with a better plan than sticking it back together with tape and hoping for the best.
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