Monthly Archives: February 2018

An App for That

There’s something about February that leaves me feeling something between cabin fever and stir crazy with just a pinch of spring fever to top it all off. I want to go new places and see new things. I want to get out!


I want this blasted cold weather to be over. The clean white blanket of snow, snow, and more snow enchants me no longer. Nine days of snow we’ve had this time. That’s a new record, breaking one set in the 1980s that was a 7 day stretch of daily snowfall. I don’t think that’s a record we needed to break.

My feet want to be warm and free of shoes, not confined in wool socks and heavy boots. I have started dreaming about walking barefoot in grass again.

I long for the explosive color of blooming flowers.

I’ve changed my computer wallpaper at the day job to Carribean beaches since I have no windows near my cubicle. Sometimes I pretend it is my window. I set my white noise app to crashing waves and pretend that I live near the beach.

Sometimes it helps.