Monthly Archives: December 2017

A Push for More Creativity

In what I can only call the most optimistic and perhaps naive assessment of my so-called free time at this, the most holiday filled time of the year, I thought “wouldn’t it be a wonderful to blog daily in December?”

You can stop laughing any time now.

Obviously, I was like a child in a candy store: my blogger eyes were bigger than my blogger stomach (assuming stomach as a metaphor for time to both create in a crafting sense and in a writing sense.) We’re not going to discuss where I carved out the time for drafting this post. Let’s just say that I have begun to feel like there is only one room in the house where I can get privacy with my thoughts this holiday season.

It’s not that nothing creative is happening. The color gamp potholder (above) is an example of of what I have been doing with my time. I am trying finish up a test knit, too.

It’s just more a case of better organizing the time I have for maximum success. What are my priorities? How do I work to achieve the goal I set for myself myself? Where can I find a little extra time that is actually being wasted?

Can I use my time more effectively? Do I really have to resort to drafting blog posts in the “meditation room?”

That’s going to be my focus in 2018.