The Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival, perhaps the biggest and most important sheep and wool festival in the United States, is happening this weekend. Lacking a Fairy Godmother or a wealthy Sugar Parent (Daddy? Mama? I’m flexible if it gets me to Rhinebeck), I find myself once again consigned to not going. 

I’m kind of okay with it on the one hand. I had an amazing trip to the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany in late May/Early June. We went to the Iowa State Fair this year, where there were sheep (though it was too hot to ask if I could pet the sheep.) I am going to Vogue Knitting Live in Minneapolis the weekend of November 5th. It’s not like I never get to go anywhere, after all.

On the other hand, it’s Rhinebeck. It’s this mythical, special thing where people eat apple cider doughnuts, and buy whole fleeces, and get high on yarn fumes and hot apple cider. It’s the place where people put faces and real names with the avatars (technically Ravatars) they virtually socialize with on Ravelry the rest of the year.

It’s ComicCon (or DragonCon) for Yarn. I didn’t go to ComicCon or DragonCon, either. I did pay some bills though, so that’s a good thing. Mind you, daily adult life makes more bills, but that’s another matter.

Fall themed doughnut. Not apple cider flavored. #whinebeck

So I’m making my own Whinebeck fun. First up, the doughnut. Fall themed, given by a friend who lost a bet and had to bring in doughnuts to his group today at the day job. 

Pretty much a standard doughnut. Only free, so yay!

Tomorrow is organizing the yarn closet (which has been happening in pieces since I realized that I needed to actually organize my yarn and not just shove it in the closet.)

Now all I have to do is find me some sheep.

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