What I learned this week: 20170226 – 20170304

  1. Trust no one, especially not politicians. I should have learned this from the X-Files, but apparently not so much.
  2. On the other hand, don’t blame me that the current batch of politicians isn’t any different from the last batch. I wanted Bernie Sanders.
  3. I probably should have clarified: Believing in God and the saving grace of Jesus and identifying as Christian are two different things. I learned some time ago that organized religion, in general, is basically politics that puts on a religion cloak and then walks through the mud in it.
    Politics and religion are not like a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup: They are not two great tastes that taste great together.
    Also, the Religious Right seems to have intentionally been mixing politics and religion. Since I’m not involved in that movement, I find it’s better not to call myself by the names associated with that movement.
  4. Chickens ARE the best. Please go watch Wednesday’s video again if you don’t believe me.
  5. I need to grow a pot of cat grass for Sully-cat to sit in because he’s crushing my potted herbs. Damn it, Sully-cat!
  6. I miss Dad.
  7. Early Saturday morning is the worst time to have to go into The Day Job to babysit database archiving. There’s not enough caffeine in the world.
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