There’s a plan and it’s a clever plan.

Okay, it’s not much of a plan. In theory, I want to post every weekday and write about crafty type things with an emphasis on the yarny and the geeky. In practice, I need time to prepare post topics. I need to actually get some ideas generated in general and get thing set up so that I’m not scrambling for topics at the last-minute.

It’s not like I don’t have fodder for this.

For example, I finished watching Sally Melville‘s Stashbusting Secrets for Sweater Knitting and More on Tuesday of this week. I really enjoyed it and there were some great ideas for how to put together different kinds of yarn to make cohesive sweaters. I’d love to apply some of the ideas to rearrange my yarn stash and make a project or two.

But that takes time.

I need the weekend to actually go stash diving and rearrange things. I need to take pictures while I’m doing it. I need to think about projects and let things percolate and have some time for the creative process to, you know, actually create. I need to work on other projects in the meantime (like my friend Shawn’s afghan, or my friend Casey’s scarf, or the scarf I need to make for myself before the snow flies again.)

I can write all about those things, about projects and the creative process and getting inspiration, but those topics also take some time to get going. I need to actually work on projects and make progress. I need to take pictures and write things. I need to think about what inspires me and where my inspiration comes from.

So please, bear with me: I have a plan. I think it might even be a clever plan, even if it’s not much of a plan at the moment. It’s just going to take a little bit of time to get it going.

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