Starting at the beginning

I have this friend who is really wonderful, but kind of a pest when he thinks someone should do something. What he thinks I should do is write.

I tried telling him that I have nothing to write about. Well, nothing non-fiction to write about. 

He said I could write about hiking and biking and geeky things and being overweight and yarn-crafting and living in Iowa and really anything else that strikes my fancy, which I said I think sounds like a terribly dull blog. The thing is that this friend just doesn’t give up and more importantly he won’t stop nagging me about the writing.

I still think it sounds like a terribly dull blog, but I’m writing it anyway because my friend has promised to stop nagging if I’m writing. Today’s the first day of Autumn, my favorite season, and Thursday, to boot. Not your usual day to start blogging (or anything, really), but you have to start some time. 

I hope someday to design knit and crocheted things with better proportions for larger sized people, of which I am one. The picture above is of a little asymmetrical shawlette I am making for myself from my own imaginings. It’s certainly not a design, yet. Just something I thought of to knit.

I also hope to write a book, but who doesn’t say that?

I have a day job, which I love (and won’t talk about here other than to say that I have a day job, which I love and which pays for my yarn.) I follow politics, but that’s not going to be a topic here, either. It’s far too depressing of late on the political scene no matter what your views might be.

And that’s what I think this space will be. 

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