Maxim 70

Failure is not an option.
It is mandatory.
The option is whether or not to
let failure be the last thing you do.

– Howard Taylor, Schlock Mercinary


Fall down 7 times. Stand up 8. 
– Japanese Proverb

I believe in failure. I believe in reaching past limitations and falling down. I believe in getting back up again. And again. And again. 

I believe this is not just an inevitable part of life, but an important part of learning, personal growth, and the creative process.

I believe in the trial run and giving things a go. I believe in making swatches even if they lie (and common wisdom among both knitters and crocheters is that they always lie) and shitty first drafts

I believe in the rough sketch, the outline, lists, and plans. I believe that sometimes it’s best to just shoot from the hip, to wing it, to abandon the best laid plans and just make it up as you’re going along. Doodles and drabbles and flights of fancy.

I believe that perfection is the enemy of the good. Perfection is a unattainable. Excellence is the goal. I believe in the happy accident, the “design feature,” and the intentional flaw.
I believe in striking through text and crumbling up paper, in declaring an effort a total disaster. I believe in letting go, in starting over fresh in the morning. I believe in the mulligan and the do-over. I believe in learning from mistakes and doing better next time around. 

I believe that as long as there’s breath, there’s hope and a chance to make the world a better place, through art, through compassion, through kindness, through whatever means you have at your disposal. Don’t wait for change: be the change you want to see.

Never give up. Never surrender. Stand up. Dust yourself off and put yourself back to the work at hand.

Whether I’m talking about my pathetic word count for this year’s Nanowrimo, my crappy progress on Shawn’s afghan, or the no possible winners election results? That’s still up for debate.

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