Good mail today. My Malabrigo Junkies University prize came!

Bulky single

My prize from the Malabrigo Junkies University event came. 65 yards of experimental bulky joy. Picture from my Instagram:

I have no idea what this yarn wants to be yet. The color, in person, is very much like cereza on Malabrigo Rastita, which is another single spun Malabrigo yarn.
Part of me wants to put it with some of my other bulky yarn to make a colorful vest. Another part of me wants to make it into a very simple (and oh, so soft and cozy) cowl to wear under my winter coat. Yet another part thinks if I could find the right companion yarn, I could treat this like roving and use it to make thrummed mittens, which would be very warm this winter. 

I may have to make a careful swatch for scientific analysis before I decide.

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