Good Mail Day: Mason Dixon Field Guide #1 – Stripes

Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guide No. 1 Stripes on my stripey blue afghan

This little beauty showed up in my mail on Monday and I just had a chance to sit down with it and read it. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting when I bought it. I love stripes (or at least I have a semi-obsession with knitting and crocheting stripes). I like reading Mason Dixon Knitting

I figured I couldn’t really go wrong.

What I got was three patterns, a recipe for a stripey cake that isn’t a cake, and about a half dozen charming little thoughts about stripes and the patterns in the book.

I also got a name for what happens when you’ve been working on a blanket you’re enjoying too much: Blanket Sickness. Or maybe that’s the wine they’re (allegedly) drinking talking. There’s a sidebar on the symptoms of Blanket Sickness in the pattern for the Station Wagon Blanket.

I get something else when I’m working on blankets: Blanket Poisoning. It’s the urge to do anything else, rather than work on your blanket project. Or projects, in my case. I have three blankets going. All three are different striped things. Two are crocheted and one is knit. 

Blanket Poisoning makes you want to cast on anything else rather than work on the blanket you’re supposed to be finishing. Cast on socks? Yes. Work a few rows on the sweater that doesn’t end. Why not? Knock out a quick cowl with prize yarn? Absolutely.

Work on the blanket? I’ll pass. Thanks. It’s over 60 degrees today and having a blanket in my lap sounds kind of retched, actually.

The fingerless mitts pattern, Squad Mitts strike me as more color blocked than striped. They’re very wearable and seem like a good way to use up leftovers, though. I’m happy to entertain the thought that they could a kind of striped.

I will probably make the Breton Cowl in the MDK Field Guide 1. I’m sure I’ve got yarn for it and that I’ll get plenty of use out of something like that over the course of an Iowa winter. I might make the mitts. They look like good gift fodder.  

I will not make the blanket. It’s cute enough and not my style.

Besides,  I’m done with blankets just as soon as I get the three I have going off the hooks and needles unless I go completely insane. If I go completely insane? Well, then I’ll probably make the hexagon motif blanket I keep eyeing. I mean, it’s not like I have the yarn for it already, or anything.

Oh, who am I kidding? I totally have the yarn for it. I’m just not starting until I get at least two of the blankets I’m working on finished.

So like never at this rate.

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