Flying Monkeys, Anyone?

Some places practically scream for stories to be written about them. What could be a creepier setting than an abandoned theme park? Only an abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park.

I always found The Wizard of Oz more than a little creepy as a child. A crazy old woman set to take out her frustrations on :Dorothy, reminding me none too favorably of Mrs. Trimpe, my first grade teacher, who (rumors said) had a glass eye which was why it never quite seemed to sit right in her skull when she was looking at you.Mrs. Trimpe terrified me. 

I thought she hated me. I know she called me “too social” on my report card. I half expected the flying monkeys to appear every time she slapped her hand down on the desk and commanded the class full of wiggly six-year-olds to  “Pay attention!”
This abandoned amusement park just moves me with thoughts of the terrible dangers that could be lurking there. Is it an angry place, jilted and alone, waiting to exact its revenge on a world that has let it fall into ruins? 

Could it just be a misunderstood place, lonely and missing the laughter of children that once filled it’s courtyards in it’s heyday and desperate to reclaim its former glory?

Is there a silly silo or a twister ride waiting to transport the protagonist away to Oz?
Does anyone or anything live there? What kind of denizens has it attrackted? Simple woodland animals or something more sinister? 

I don’t know, but itdoes spark the imagination.

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