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We the People Walk

In order to form a more perfect body joined back in June. does virtual races as a motivator for exercise goals. You work at your own pace. They’re against yourself. Depending on the race you can record walking, running, biking workouts, or even kayaking/canoeing workouts toward completion of the goal. As you make your distance, you get pictures of what you would see along your route as well as inspirational updates to help keep you motivated.

I finished my first race, the Race to Oz, in mid-July. I’m not going to lie. I did it for the medal because it sure as hell wasn’t for the pictures of the terrain between nowheresville and Liberal, KS. Look, another flat as hell shot of Route 54.

I’m now working on the We The People Race. Sophie and I put miles on that Sunday night. We’re 34% of the way through. I get an interesting picture of Philadelphia sent to me (and eventually a t-shirt.) Sophie gets a walk which suits her just fine.

Sophie-dog likes walks! Yes, she does. Oh, yes, she does.

I have 21 miles of 32 total left. Sophie-dog and I walk three miles on our walks. In theory, we can finish this race up right before my surgery.

Then I can start the Alice’s Adventure: Cheshire Cat race to track the mileage I log during the first weeks of recovery. That’s a 24-mile jaunt, which I expect will take longer than my current adventure in rambling since surgery is going to put me down for a bit.

Don’t worry. I’ve already talked to my doctor about this, and I’m allowed to do gentle walking as part of my post surgical recovery. I have no plans to overdo it.

I just want to have some way of seeing progress during the first weeks when I’m not allowed to do anything more than gentle walking.

Die Schnecke

Happy Fourth of July! I finished my 5K. 1 hour, 3 minutes (ish. I didn’t grab my unofficial time from the timing chip.) Approximately 20.32 minutes per mile. Not the fastest race in the world, but I wasn’t doing it for speed, unless you’re a snail. (Die Schnecke is German for “The Snail,” if you were wondering.)

On the other hand, I was just doing it for something to do on the Fourth of July while the roommate and one of our friends ran the 8K. It served that purpose quite well. I talked to lots of nice people along the route, mostly to assure them that neither was I dying nor did I think I was dying.The roommate ended up coming back for me after she finished because I was taking so long. It was nice to have someone walk with me for part of the race, other than the constant presence of the sweeper vehicle pushing me forward down the race route.

The roommate ended up coming back to me after she finished because I was taking so long. It was nice to have someone walk with me for part of the race, other than the constant presence of the sweeper vehicle pushing me forward down the race route.

I gave the beer tokens to another racer. I have tea in my Contigo.

My right hip has been really bothering me, and I know I’ve been relying more on my left leg than usual. So much so that at the half way point, I considered calling things done, but by that point, I was half-way done. No sense in taking a ride back to the finish line when I was already half-way there, right? That’s what I told myself anyway.

I didn’t realize how much I’ve been aggravating my left leg until I sat down and started writing this post while the roommate took her shower, then got up to go take a shower myself.

I’d been planning to write some inspirational “the last finisher still finished” thing. That’s not going to happen anymore. I still finished, but now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have listened to my body more. Not entirely, mind you. I finished and that was a goal, and I feel good about that. Just more in the “did I actually do damage to my left ankle” sense. I’d feel pretty silly if I’d screwed up my ankle and couldn’t continue working on my walking goals.

At the moment, it’s not good.

Well, I suppose it is good because I don’t feel like my right hip hurts that much anymore. My left ankle, though? That’s another story. I haven’t had a day like this since deep winter when it got into the negatives for a high. It’s screaming at me quite fiercely. I’ve currently got it wrapped, but I have no idea how I’ll get shoes on tomorrow for work. Hopefully by then, it’ll be a bit better.

I’m going to go ahead and take something from the approved list of over the counter pain relievers and hope that calms it down.

First something, anyway

I was supposed to be going out for First Hike now out at Matsell Bridge with the roommate and Sophie-dog and the friend with the scarf and Bruce-dog. I am here, at my computer because it’s just across the hall from the bathroom.

Hello, First Bout of IBS of the year (also known as lingering IBS from last year.) Apparently, something’s still bothering my intestines, though I don’t recall eating anything truly offending in any sort of quantity. Sometimes the IBS just likes to remind me that it’s still a thing in my life, especially when my fibromyalgia is flaring up. (Short answer to the medical tests all coming back “mostly harmless except for these things that we need to watch” is “You’re tired because your fibro is in flare. Be better at managing things.”)

Hopefully, I’ll get Mr. IBS calmed down enough to take a short urban hike later this afternoon.

At least now I get this time to start working on some of those goals, like “What shall I actually knit this year?”